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Tea and diabetes

Tea and Diabetes

Althought humans have been drinking tea for over 5000 years, only recently have scientists studied its health benefits. They've discovered that a cup of tea contains more than 4000 active ingredients!

Tea may even help people control their blood glucose levels, according to a Taiwanese study.

The subjects were 20 people with type 2 diabetes who took diabetes pills. Ten drank large amounts(1500ml) of strong Chinese oolong tea each day for four weeks, and drank only water during another stretch of four weeks. The other 10 followed the same plan but drank tea and water in the opposite order.

At the end of the tea-drinking segments, plasma glucose levels had dropped significantly. Fructosamine levels also dropped significantly. In contrast, no significant changes occurred during the water-drinking segments.

This study suggests that large amount of strong oolong tea may lower blood glucose control cheaply, enjoyably, and safety. However, larger studies are needed to confirm this.

(Diabetes Forecast, September 2004)